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Helpful Advice       February 16, 2020
Now that you volunteered for the job,

  1. You need to make a snack schedule for games, rotating all families through the season.

  2. Arrange an email list or phone tree so information concerning the team can be passed from family to family.

  3. Make plans for your end of the season party. This could be a picnic at the field, a pizza party, or an ice cream social - anything goes!

  4. You need to order trophies for the team (if the league does not provide them) and a gift for the coaches. Hint-if you are ordering trophies for young children, buy small trophies - leave them room to grow into the large ones! Also, some coaches love to receive plaques, especially if they are new to coaching. However, if he or she has been coaching for a number of years, you may want to consider a gift certificate, a signed soccer ball or baseball, or other ideas.

  5. You need to collect money from each family to pay for the party, the coach gift, and the trophies. The cost usually runs about $12.00-$15.00 per player with the coach's amount being a little less as he/she should not pay for his/her own meal or gift.

  6. Have fun, be flexible, and enjoy getting to know the other parents on the team!


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